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Rainbow faces denotes beauty.
Skinny is a crime, Being plus sized a curse.
God’s craft are discredited,
Plastic surgeon’s are awarded.
Where the ideal body shape is looking like the number 8.

Mirrors are foes because it portrays the real you.
Reality a toxic ex, the empty shell your new lover.
Embraced the  identity of acting  depressed to impress.
A new soul to blend in until you get screwed and dwell in.

Dining with danger makes you look cooler.
Dating toxicity paints a better picture.
Hardworking dream chasers a turn off.
Double edged sword that is dull on the attacking side.

A sick world where imperfection grades perfection.
criminals; maker of law and pass judgement.
A world where we live for others rather than ourselves.
A world where fake smiles rule, and night breakdowns are roommates.

A world made by man that destroys man.
Will we ever break out of this loop?
Will the part we bury ever find its way to the surface.
Or will we fall prey to the world of men?




Back then we called you semi-god,
We worshipped you that way,

We felt you were the duplicate of the angels
We rightly thought God created you specially.

Thanks to our return ex-servicemen,
Who made us know we were wrong from the onset,

Our thoughts were like a nitwit fellow,
We were ignorant of the creation.

Do you think you are more superior to we blacks?
Or you think you are specially made by God?

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You are actually thinking in the rubbish,
Giving yourself flimsy hopes.

We all are created equally.
No one is superior to the other.
Being black is not a crime,
Stop maltreating us everytime.

I don’t see anything special in your skin.
You are whites and so what?

Does that give the justification that you won’t die?
Or does it give you the certainty that you won’t be buried?

Stop making yourself proud unnecessarily,
We are all the same.

We are all given birth to and we gonna die
So what’s the speciality in your colour?

One love in togetherness,
Will surely take us higher.

Let’s say no to racism,
For it will bring us nothing but ignorance.

©Bakin Adam….✍🏾

On a day that rain fell like God was angry
Fat droplets that could dig a hole
That was the first time we met
I was so sure she’ll make me whole

A step at a time I told myself
As we stood in front of the building
We wouldn’t want to scare the beautiful soul
I kept thinking of what to say as the rain kept drilling

But I turned to see her crying
Tears still in her eyes she told me
Of a man who was meant to be her everything
He left her you see

On a day that rain fell like God was angry
Not today, but another
He walked away with her best friend
By then I had to take it further

So I got her number and we met again
On a day that rain fell like God was angry
And we fell for each other
On a day that rain fell like God was angry

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Our story wasn’t written on a rainbow but it was beautiful
And I can boldly say she never left my fancy
And so we got married
On a day that rain fell like God was angry

And on this day
On a day that rain fell like God was angry
I weep like never before
For I just lost my love and quite frankly

That day where the rain fell like God was angry
Will always be the best day of my life, for I can always say
On a day that rain fell like God was angry
I got the best thing in my life handed to me on a tray



Brightness made of darkness,
Glittering eyes like a rotten wood.
Teeth as white as charcoal.
Tears made of blood.
Humming all I could hear.

Front I know nor back.
Run should I; scream I should.
Fear in heart; war at brain.
A drop of sweat that can wash
a colony away.
If only the tap under, could hold a while
as my legs lead on.

To an altar.
Was dressed in ulster.
In front of monsters
That I cannot utter.
My doppelganger lied me down
Against the cross bar.

“You’re weak and clinging to darkness
You deserve to die in the darkness”
Me said to me.

“Iya mi a soro nibi to ga”
(My mother that makes sacrifice in a high place)
Will you watch your child to die this way?
Will you watch me to kill me?
Will you watch your child to perish in darkness?

There comes a ray of light.
“Child call on Olodu Ōmō Àrè (God)
The creator of heaven and earth.”
Said mother, with a smile.

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At the dark throne,
I carried my throne
And follow Olodumare.
The dweller of the throne
Made of light.

© Olufisayo Jakes


Swimming in the dark.
Tip toeing in the light.
To achieve enlightenment you must be able to tip toe underwater.
Comprehend the love between darkness and light.

Resonating Cries in the labour room.
Resonating Cries in the mortuary.
For every journey must come to an end.
And every soul that breaths must dance with the reaper.

Starcross Lovers.
Cursed never to see each other.
The strong weeps blinding light for hours.
While the repairs the damage with soothing melancholic light.

When darkness spreads it’s veil, light always finds it’s way through.
Every leave that grows on the tree of life, must wither and ride the autumn wind.
Twelve hours apart will not stop the night lady from smiling after catching just a single ray of her lovers warmth.
Enlightenment is balancing the bizarre abnormality of yin’s love for yang.


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