Secret Cult Activities On Campus Exposed (A Must Read)

Origin and Historical Development of Campus Cults in Nigeria

The first secret cult in Nigeria came into existence in 1952 when a group of seven students led by Professor Wole Soyinka, founded the Seadogs Confraternity (a.k.a Pirate) in the university of Ibadan.

The sole objectives of founding the cult was to fight colonialism, ensure the dignity of man and to rid the Nigerian society of elitism and tribalism. Its members engaged in humanitarian activities such as donation of blood to hospitals to save lives and presentation of gifts to orphanages, to assist the helpless in the society.

“Everything we did then was healthy, firm harmless and above board” recalled Muyiwa Awe one of the founding fathers. Twenty years later the Pirates Confraternity witnessed a significant change.

Rancours led to factions and divisions that broke the monopoly of the Pyrates. It began with the breaking away of a faction of the group known as the Buccaneers confraternity in the campus scene in 1972.

The rebellion of the Buccaneer was led by a group of thirty led by Dr. Bolaji Carew whose cult name was “Rica Ricardo.” He is presently the Supreme eye and spiritual Head of the association.

The logo of the Buccaneers reads, “A dog has a Master and the Master is a Lord.” This is an open challenge to the pirates confraternity. Other slogans of the Buccaneers are “Blud For Blud.” “Odas Is Odas.” “No Price No Pay.”

On the 10th Annivesary in 1982, the Buccaneer confraternity became the Buccaneer Association of Nigeria (BAN).

The Buccaneers (aka Sealords) was soon followed by the Vikings confraternity. “There were general disenchantment with the activities of the first two cults,” a spokesman said, “Those who once claimed they stood against operation later resorted to it as a means of subduing their fellow students who were civilians.”

So came the 3 Sailors whose aims and objectives were almost the same, whose major difference have remained their ‘modus operandi’ and their choice of camouflage and logo. While the Sea Dogs took red as their color, the Buccaneers and the Vikings chose yellow and black respectively.

Admission of new members into the Sea dogs was highly restricted at inception, the same became of the Buccaneers and the Vikings. As a result of this, students who wanted to ‘belöng‘ but denied started gathering and in most cases ended up with a group of their own.

As the group continued to split their aims and objectives metamorphosized from engaging in humanitarian services to cannibalistic services.

Some of the cult group that later developed after the monopolistic tendency of the Sailors include: , Eiye, Mafia, Maphite, Klansman Confraternity, Black Beret, Black Bra, Mgba Mgba, Thomas Sankara Boys, Jurist, Black cats, etc.

But one thing that is common among them all is that they have all lost the vision and mission of the founding fathers and have all degenerated to unnecessary rivalry and violence amongst themselves leading to unnecessary carnage and hair- splitting bloodshed in higher institutions.


National Association of Seadogs (NAS) Pirates Confraternity Ahoy – Seadog

The Pirates Confraternity came into existence in 1952. This is the first campus secret cult that came into being when a group of seven students led by Professor Wole Soyinka founded the Seadogs confraternity.

This cult was formed at the university of Ibadan by this group known as the “Magnificient Seven”

A. Three Guiding Beliefs
i. Odas is Oda
ii. No friend no foe
iii. Absolute no lagging
B. Four Compass Points
i. Against convention
ii. Against tribalism
iii. Comradeship & chivalry
iv. Humanistic Ideas
C. Seven Rules
i. Deck before ego
ii. All b4 self
iii. Sense before slogan
iv. Truthe before cant
v. Lean before Leap
vi. Change over stasis
vii. Act over yap
D. Clothes
i. Undergraduates: Red color
ii. Graduate: (XYZ) – Purple
iii. Capons: Black
E. Nicknames
-Capon blood
-Drantus barante
-Ahoy white devil
-Ahoy punching paranla
F. Initiation
Three stages of initiation a Pre-ITT drillings
2′”‘- ITT Christmas (Initiation Proper)
G. Anthem
Solo: 15 men on a dead man’s chest
Chorus:iyo on the bottle Rumse
solo: Woe to those that hate
Chorus: Iyo. Iyo oo ten bottles of Rumse

National Association of Sealords
Buccaneer Association of Nigeria (BAN) Alora Sealord

The Buccaneer Confraternity came to the scene in 1972.

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The rebellion of the Buccaneer was led by a group of thirty led by Dr. Bolayi Carew whose cult name was “Rica Ricardo”.

He is presently the supreme Eye and Spiritual Head of the Association.

During the 10th anniversary the buccaneer confraternity became the Bucaneer Association of Nigeria (BAN)

Guiding Beliefs
– No brothers (BURAS) in the wood
– No price no pay
– No lagging on board
– BLood for blood
– Let the devil that lead you guide you
– Members of the confraternity are referred to as:
– Alora, Fine boy, Bucket men, Lords.

15 Structural Hierarchy of Buccaneers
– New member/student
– Deckhands
– Deck and masters
– Graduates/ sorted Lords
– Frigate Captains (FC)
– Gallion master
P.O.4 =
– Council
– Grand Eye
– Ruling Body

The pieces of 8 and 4 are the number of positions which govern members at different levels.

They operate and take others as follows:
– Supreme Ban council (SBC) preside over Gallion (regional & state
– Gallion preside over the Frigates (zone in the state) which contains decks (campus)
– Frigate captain (FC) preside over deck master7 ( P.O.8
– Deck masters preside over deck hands (other members)

Knocking Patterns
. Knock Knock -2
. Knock Knock Knock -3
. Knock -1

These numbers are also used for horning names they appropriate for themselves. These names are used when members are gathered together mostly in the bush and are presided with the word alora.

They are known as deck names and always go with the rythm of the five vowel sounds

National Association of Adventures Supreme Viking Confraternity Agro-mates

This confraternity came into the campus scene in 1982 at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

This rebellion was led by three young men namely, Rising Angel, Eric de Red and Troppence. Uniport is the mother deck of the Vikings known as Victory Cossa also known as Alpha Marine Patrol.
Guiding Beliefs
– Blood on the high sea
– Never to hang a leg even in the face of death
– Singing songs of Hojas

– Postions &Functions

Executioneer – The leader and commander in chief, gives orders to the rest of the group.
Axe Man – He is the Asst. to the executioner, sailing
Skipper – He is the in charge of entertainment, he prepares the brew and he is the singer. He is always in front of the sailing ship and bears the lamp during the saley.
Duffman – He is the treasurer both of robbers (money) and properties acquired or seized from the members.
Strike Chief – He is incharge of attack unit and hit on rival cult members. Takes his orders from the executioner.
Intelligence Chief – He’s incharge of all the intelligence work and the intelligence unit.
Eastman – He searches out suitable island (bush) for initiations and meetings.

Solo: We have to sail on a rough high sea and when the tide is high we have to Yo an brew on deck and sail panama.
Chorus: Saley yo (3x)…….. Saley yo………..oooh. An iceland we must sight.

knocking Pattern
Knock Knock Knock
Death stalks the cultman

Neö Bläck Movemeñt of Africa Confraternity – AYE

This confraternity came into the campus scene in 1976 at the university of Benin (UNIBEN).

This cult was formed with the motive of building a body to fight against the oppression of black men (student) in the university.

It is highly speculated that those who initiated this association are said to be Runaways from the New Black Movement of Africa, an organization in SA who fought against apartheid but escaped into Nigeria for safety. The symbol of the is an axe breaking the chains in two hands.

They believe the black man will befree with an axe.

-Guiding Beliefs
i. The black man will be free with an axe
ii. No Bleep$ up
iii. Don’t betray your brother
iv. Obey before complain
Members are referred to as AYES, NO.7 MEN

Kapo (Head) No.1 – The leader of the temple. He appears in red regalia with an inscription yellow NBM in front of his regalia with a black figure behind.
Chairman Council of Elders No.2 – Preside over issues in the temple and over other elders.
Chief Priest – He’s incharge of cutting the thumb of new initiates, prepare the drink (kokoma) and other entertainment. He is also in charge of the temple shrine (juju) and temple bath. He appears in yellow regalia with red NBM in front of it, regalia with black 7 behind.
Chief Butcher – He is in charge of security and attacks ( hits) on rival members. He appears on white regalia NBM in front of his regalia with Black figure 7 behind.
Hazer – He is the treasurer, keeps all dues and levies.
Cryer – Passes information of meeting to other members.
Eye – He is the intelligence chief, finds out information about other cults.

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Other members of NBM put on white t-shirt, black beret with ribbon on it, black inner t-shirt, black trousers, yellow stockings and shoes. This dress is known as “7 over 7 (7/7) .”


Twenty Ways to Identify Secret Cult Members

Secret Cult is an organized group of people who come together to pledge their allegiances under an oath and have a social bond of commitment and dedication for the good of the group. Members of secret cults carry out their meetings when people are not aware of, especially during the odd hours and far away from residence, mostly in the bush. They keep their activities secret from non -members and people in the society.

Shockingly, occupied the minds of the Nigerian youths nowadays is far more than development in ICT, technology, science or any area than to grow in violence and other anti-social activities. No doubt, this situation has increased violent gang activities in our higher institutions.

Cultism found its way into the Nigerian Higher Institutions in 1952 at the University College, now University of Ibadan, when Nigeria’s Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka and six others formed the ‘ Pyrates Confraternity’ ( Sea Dogs).

Then, their main objectives was to end tribalism and elitism, abolish convention, and also to restore the aged chivalry. The group was also founded to provide support for human rights and social justice.

Over the years, due to inability of intending members to meet required standards of the Pyrates confraternity, protestant ones started emerging like the Buccaneers, Mafia and Vickings while the early nineties also witnessed a boom as every institution was plagued with cult explosion such as the Supreme Eiye confraternity, Black Axe, Daughters of Jezebel,  Black Eye, Black Beret, Black Bra, among others and their  activities suggest nothing; but evil in the society.

Their activities involves frequent violent clash among different groups which always lead to death or end in casualties, constant abuse of drugs, armed robbery, sexual assault, vandalization,forceful intimidation of lecturers, harassment, bullying of fellow course mate, and assassination.

Presently, cultism is known to be at its peak in tertiary institutions and it is no more news that it has also extended it territories to secondary and primary schools respectively. Despite the effort of the government and school authorities to eradicate this menace  in the country proved abortive.

At this juncture, it is however, imperative to state that there are many ways a secret cult member can be identified and some of them are:-


Most members of secret cults have names other than their true names. Investigations revealed that some of these names portray the role a member plays effectively, while others are named after some animals like birds, and African leaders. Alias or nicknames such as Capo, Hitler, Mobutu Sese Seko, Zorro, Scorpion, Fathermia, Vulture, Parrot, Ostrich are freely used.


Members of secret cult groups delight in taking hard drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin and the newly introduced tramadol and codeine. They indulge in continuous consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.


Vast majority of cult members sleep heavily during the day as most of their activities are performed at night. This unusual habit of sleeping during the day can therefore be interpreted as a ploy to conserve their energy for their night exploits.


No doubt, cultists are violent and always use of force to achieve their aims. They fight, stab, maim and kill themselves when they clash with other cult groups over supremacy or when there is a division or leadership tussle.

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Members of these cults in schools and higher institutions have no interest in their studies which is their primary assignment. This is simply because of their confidence that they must pass no matter what. Further checks also unearthed that some lecturers who belong to these groups or are their patrons assure members they must pass.


All secret cult members involve themselves in oath taking during initiations. Sometimes, they use their blood and native medicine popularly known as ‘juju’. The use of ‘black magic’ to fortified themselves is common to all of them.


Certain dresses and colours are worn by different cult groups. Some prefer black, blue, yellow, black and white, or red colours. Strange drawings and logos are inscribed on some vests, caps or special regalia used. Some use black, blue or yellow berets to distinguish themselves with very dark goggles.


Members prefer and find it easier to conduct their activities at night in secrecy.


All secret cult members have dangerous weapons such as guns, including locally made pistols and sometimes imported sub machine guns, axe, cutlass, knife, hammer, and specially made iron rods. These weapons are always concealed until they are needed for operations.


Members of secret cult groups share the same aims and objectives which they vigorously pursue and strive to achieve


Members of individual secret cult specifically develop and use slang, diction and language unique to each cult.

Forgiveness is a sin, don’t price when you cannot pay, blood for blood, an eye for an eye, the opener of eyes and mind, who no know go know, ahoy! A-waah, eparipa, sailing are some of the words freely used by members.


Friends of secret cult most often belong to a cult group. They are wild, unruly, uncontrollable, assertive and sometimes proud. They always look down on others who don’t belong to their own cult and they feel superior.


One of the visible characteristics of secret cult members is the sudden change in their mood and character. They could be joyful, boisterous and talkative in one breath and be extremely sullen, gloomy and moody in another breath. However, this could be linked to the various hard drugs and alcohol they take.


Members of secret cults could be known through tattoos and marks he makes on his body. Some members pierce their ears, nose and other parts of their body and inscribed the signs of their cult group.


Unconsciousness, sometimes for hours or days , usually cold or hot body temperature, unusual bleeding or bruises and sores on veins , are all ways of identifying a cult members.


Secret cult operates in group. Some people prefer to refer to them as gang groups


Redness of eyes of members who smoke hard drugs like marijuana is very common. Other hard drugs make the the face of members puffy. Enlargement of the pupils of the eyes are direct effects of cocaine, heroin and other hard drugs.


A member of a secret cult can be known through the particular gesture he makes. The joining of both thumps, thump down or up sign, using a finger to make the zero sign and body and eye signs.


Members are always rash, irrational and reckless. They always lack caution and do not think of what the consequences of their actions might. They equate this recklessness with boldness and unusual courage


Many members talk incoherently. Talking to oneself, staggering, unco-ordinated steps, twitching of the muscles and body tremor as a result of taking hard drugs could make one easily identify a cultist.


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