[Story] SURVIVOR – Episode One



[Drama] Episode One


A lady was in her room when her mother came and find her writing story and the following conversation started between them;

Isabella’s mom : Are you busy ?
Isabella : Yes, I have to finish the story before I go to bed.
Isabella’s Mom : ( She smile ) Huh, Continue with it. I will bring some snacks for you. You should also get some rest. You should not over stress your body. Okay. Listen to mom. I will be right back ( She leave immediately )
Isabella : Yes. I will ( She smile ) Mom.


Isabella’s mother enter his room and find him sleeping
Isabella’s mom : You poor thing, You should cover yourself up, it’s cold. ( She move closer to him and cover him with cloth ) he even sleep with TV on ( She move to the TV and off it ) Sleep well. Good dreams. ( She leave immediately )

Isabella’s brother ( Ezra ) : Mom, I love this food, it’s Sweet. You are a good cook. It different from the one my sister made. ( he lauggood
Isabella : Yah, Are you teasing me ? What do you mean by that ? If I get hold of you, You better continue eating your food
Isabella’s mom : Don’t scold my son. You too learn how to cook. ( She smile ) It’s your right to know how to cook.
Isabella : Yah, Mom, Why are you also supporting him ? You should support me at least once. Please.
Isabella’s father ( Mr Owen ) : Ya, Isabella don’t worry I love every single soup you made, they are also delicious.
Isabella : Really dad , are you serious ? ( Shouting ) Wow. Dad has supported me. I love you dad.
Mr Owen : I love you too my daughter ( He feed her ) evidence of love.
Isabella : ( She smile ) Thank You. ( She aslo feed her father )
Ezra : Mom, You love me right ? Feed me also. I want you to show them that you also love me.
Isabella’s mom : Yes, I must show them. ( She wanted to give him ) Am sorry, my food has finish.
Ezra : Mom !
( They are laugh )

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Mrs Ben : What ? What do you mean by that ? You mean my husband is seeing another woman ?
Mr Ben PA ( Rose ) : Yes, that’s what our informant told me. She said the lady is a very young lady. They had been going out on a data recently
Mrs Ben : Mr Ben has forgotten everything, Tell John to deal with her, In her life she will never go out with another person’s husband. Go
Rose : Yes. Ma’am. ( She leave immediately, Mr Ben second child enter immediately as Rose leave )
Mrs Ben : Jason, why are you here ? Did something happened, you look down. ( She move closer to him ) What happened tell me.
Jason : Father has place me on condition. Father has destroy my plan. He said I have to go through some test before I become the Director of the company.
Mrs Ben : What ? What did he mean by that ? How can your biological father have to do this ? Don’t worry everything will be fine. Trust your mom.
Jason : ( he hug his mom ) Mom, Am counting on you.
Mrs Ben : Don’t worry yourself, You know everything is always easy for mom. ( She smile ).

Isabella : Boss, are you done with the story ? Do you like it ? Do you feel it ?
Isabella’s boss : Isabella, I always told you, you are the best when it comes to thriller. It’s so great. It will make our company more famous. We wilI have to premiere this.
Isabella : ( Happily ) What ? We will have to premiere it ? Wow. Thank you Boss. Thank you. ( She smile happily )
Isabella’s boss : But you know what, You have to do something for me, you have to bring a very rich person to support us.
Isabella : I don’t understand, Boss
Isabella’s boss : I mean, I mean you should get a very rich man or a Lady to suppose us. We need rich people’s support.
Isabella : But boss, It’s your job not mine. My is to write thriller stories. Why will I go out there and look for rich people to support us
Isabella’s boss : then let forget about the premier.
Isabella : No…no…no, you know that always my dream. ( She smile ) I will get one then. ( She move out immediately )

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Isabella : Why did he have to do this to me ? Why did he ask me to such thing ? Is he taking advantage of me ? I should just go back and cancel everything, No, I have always want this. I should not. ( she leave immediately with a sad face )

Mrs Ben : Honey, What happened ? Why do you have to do that to your son ? Your own son.
Mr Ben : What ? what have I done to him ? I did nothing to him . What did he told you I did to him ? Did I beat him or did I disown him ?
Mrs Ben : Honey ! You should not be like this, this is your son not any other person’s son. You should treat him like one. Why do you always hate him ?
Mr Ben : Ya ! Look here woman, I have never hate my own son. I have to disciple him , I have to play my role as a father. Ya, Look over here, go and tell him to get ready for the test or else he will not have the position, there are many people out there who want the job.
Mrs Ben : ( Shouting ) Honey !!!
Mr Ben : That my decision. I’m going to have some drink ( He leave immediately )
Mrs Ben : How dare you do this to me ? You will regret you’ve done this. ( Looking at him with a wicked eye )

Isabella : ( With sad expression ) Welcome.
Ezra : big sis, why are you frowning your face ? Did someone threaten you ? Tell me. Hurry.
Isabella : my dream is about to come true but it coming true in an hard way.
Ezra : Hard way ? Explain to me ? What happened really ? Do you see another boyfriend ?
Isabella : Yah, Who ask you to bring the matter of boyfriend ? ( He hit him ) You better go and sleep. You know nothing.
Ezra : Big sis. ( She smile )
Isabella : Yah, Have you finish watching the drama ” Police academy ”

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Jason : What ? do you mean it ? I have to work hard to get the position ? Mom. The company is my father’s company, why do I have to work hard to get it ?
Mrs Ben : That what he want, I can’t change that. I will have to leave now.
Jason : ( Sad ) Mom. ( She rush to her and kneel in front of her ) Mom, You know how much I want this, you know how much father hate me, there is no how I try hard he will never support me. He hate me so much. Mom. I know you have better plan. I know you are smart and you can help me do it. Please. Help me mom. ( Tears flow from his eye ) Please.
Mrs Ben : What, you want it that much ?
Jason : Yes mom. I really want the company.
Mrs Ben : Then you have to be brave and get ready to stain your hand.
Jason : ( He stand up immediately ) What do you mean I have to stain my hand ?
Mrs Ben : You are not a kid. You should understand.
Jason : Mom, Stain my hand… I will do anything to get the job. Anything Mom.
Mrs Ben : Then we are on same team. I will tell you what to do. I will tell you plans. ( She leave immediately )
Jason : Thank You mom. Thank you. ( he smile and evil smile ) I know who she is, She will get me the position. I trust her. Father wait and see…


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