[Story] SURVIVOR – Episode Seven

Episode Seven
Written By Olalekan Oduntan

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Isabella : What happened ? Why are they police in our house ? ( She rush to meet her dad ) Dad, what happened
Isabella’s dad : I don’t understand myself. I can’t understand there word.
Isabella’s mom : ( Crying ) What going on ? What going on ?
Isabella : ( She rush to meet the police ) Hello what happened sir ( she saw her brother been cuffed ) what….happened ? Why do you cuff my brother.
Policeman : He is a murder, he has murder two people. A director of a company and his finance.
Isabella : What ? What are taking about ? My brother is not someone like that ?
Policeman : His fingerprint has been find all over the Victim body. ( Giving her the evidence ) Hope you send for yourself.
Isabella : ( She look at the paper and find it out to be true ) Who did this ? Someone is behind this. I trust my brother. He has been framed.
Policeman : Am sorry, we have to take him with us. ( They take Ezra with them )
Isabella’s mom : ( Crying ) My child ! My son !! My son !!! What going on ? ( Crying hard ) what’s going on ? Huh huh
Isabella : ( Tears on her face ) Mom, don’t worry everything will be okay. You have no worry. Huh.
Isabella’s father : What should I do now ? What kind of step should I take now ?
Isabella’s mom : This is too much. This is too much ( she want to stand up, she fainted immediately )
Isabella : Mom ! Mom !! Mom !!!

Isabella : Mom, are you alright now ?
Isabella’s mom : Where is your father ? Why is he not here ? Is he with your brother ?
Isabella : Yes, mom don’t worry Ezra will come back home very soon. Don’t worry about it. Huh
Isabella’s mom : ( Tears drop ) huh.
Isabella : Mom, stop crying.

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Ezra : Sir, I have the evidence on my phone. I can show you the evidence on my phone. Trust me sir.
Policeman : Do you want me to believe you after your fingerprint is find all over the person’s body ? You should keep shout now.
Ezra : I know what am talking about sir. Please allow me to show you. Please. ( He look up and see his father ) Dad, Is my phone with you ?
Isabella’s father : Yes. This is it. Have it ( Giving him the phone )
Ezra : Thank you. ( Checking the phone, but he can’t find any picture of it anymore, He was shocked ) What ? What’s happening ? Father did someone tamper with my phone ? Huh
Isabella’s father : No, why ? Is something wrong ?
Ezra : ( Tears drop ) Someone has detected the evidence. The evidence is gone father. The evidence is gone father.
Mr Owen : What ? What do you mean the evidence Is gone ? This is impossible.
Policeman : I told you. Yah. How dare you. Take him back to cell. Now.
Ezra : Father ! Father !! Father !!!
Me Owen : My Son ! Son !! Son !!!

Mrs Ben : Honey, do you enjoy this food. I cooked it myself.
Mr Ben : Huh. I have no choice than to enjoy it.
Mrs Ben : What do you mean ? You don’t like it ? Oh is it about your worker that died ? What a tragedy. I feel pity for him.
Jason : Who ? Did someone died ?
Mrs Ben : Oh, don’t tell me you don’t know, the director of your father ‘s company died. He was about to get married. It a tragedy death. I pity him.
Mr Ben : Please why are you doing all this ? let eat this food in peace. Please. Okay. ( He drop the spoon ) I lose my appetite.
Jason : Father, Why are you doing this ? Why are you not eating ?
Mr Ben : ( Looking at him without a word ) Am gone. ( He leave immediately )
Mrs Ben : Don’t worry Jason, we already win the game. ( She smile )
Jason : Alright mom. ( He sighs )

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Jason : ( On phone ) Hello baby, I have plan my wedding with dad. Don’t worry let me win over father. You don’t have to worry.
Caro’s voice : Yes. Don’t worry you have to know that no matter how it goes I will be by your side.
Jason : I know you are always on my side. I don’t have anything to worry about. I love you
Caro’s voice : Yes. I love you too. ( She hang up )
Jason : ( he sighs ) This is great. I now have the love of my life. ( he smile )

Isabella’s mom : How is it ? What’s happened to my son ? He’s he free ?
Isabella : Mom, Don’t worry, He will soon be out. I will do everything in my power to take him out mother.
Isabella’s father : Honey, you don’t have to worry I and Isabella will do Everything to take him out. Don’t worry okay.
Isabella’s mom : Thank you so much honey. Isabella thank you.

Mr Ben : Honey, I know I have lost the game. Jason has been appointed as the director manager of my company.
Mrs Ben : What ? Are you serious ? Honey are you sure ?
Mr Ben : Yes, He is my son after all. I will introduce him to the company on monday
Mrs Ben : ( She’s happy ) Am grateful honey. Am grateful honey. Am so happy. I know Jason will be happy as well. Thank you. ( She hug him ) Thank you.

Jason : ( Happliy ) What ? You mean I have been given the director of company ? What. Mom I am so happy mom. Mom. Am so happy.
Mrs Ben : You are now the director of the company, but you have to clear the mess of the family you used.
Jason : I will do Everything to clear it.

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Isabella : father, how do you think we will take Ezra out of where he is ?
Isabella’s father : I don’t know myself. We have no money to help him. Not even connection.
Isabella : Father, We have to take him very soon. ( Isabella’s phone ring ) Why are they calling Me ?
Isabella’s father : Who ?
Isabella : The police station. Should I pick it ?
Isabella’s father : Yes. Pick it now.
Isabella : ( She pick up ) Hello. Yes Isabella is on the line. What ? ( Tears drop from his face ) What do yo mean ? ( she hang up ) Father.


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